Long Term Rentals

Flexible commercial loans are designed to help you grow your rental portfolio. Perfect for buy and hold strategies. Our long-term rental loans can range from 250k to 10mm and with a very user-friendly process, your personal income doesn’t need to be verified

Easy & Straightforward Process

For our long-term rental process, we will provide a template of information we need, provide as much accurate information as possible and we will provide a quote within 24 hours. Once a quote is provided, typically we can close your loan in 30 days.  

Type of Property Loans

  • Investor residential
  • Multi-family
  • Mixed-use
  • Office space
  • Retail
  • Construction
I have worked with Bryant of Mid-Atlantic Financial Group since 2016. He is also so easy to work with and professional and courteous. When I leave a message he calls me back within an hour or two and he always replies to emails promptly. Bryant helped finance my first rehab and was so helpful in showing me the ropes of the lending side. I have highly recommended him to other investors and I will continue to do so.
Brooke J.