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Our Commercial Loan Programs Bridge the Gap Between Traditional Banks and Hard Money

We offer loan programs for investment Residential and Commercial Properties. As a correspondent with over 22 years of financing experience in our firm, we offer our customers programs with competitive rates and terms.

Our Loans Range Between 100k to 50mm


Over 450 Loans Closed to Date

Over 152mm in Loan Volume Closed


Long-Term Rental Loans From 75k to 5mm

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Commercial Loans

Bridge Loans

If you’re relocating or your long-term financing isn’t yet available, a bridge loan is right for you. A bridge loan is a short-term loan usually 6-12 months. Interest rate on bridge loans are usually higher than permanent loans.

Commercial Construction Loans

A loan that is submitted through a local bank, insurance company or finance institution. Using equity that is created, these loans operate on a multi-stage level to create funding for any construction that may be necessary to complete a project.

Long-Term Rental Loans

Flexible commercial loans designed to help you grow your rental portfolio. Perfect for buy and hold strategies. Our long-term rental loans can range from 75k to 5mm. A very user friendly process, and your personal income doesn’t need to be verified.

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About Us

Mid-Atlantic Financial Group, LLC is a commercial mortgage brokerage firm in Baltimore, Maryland that specializes in financing for non-owner residential and commercial real estate. With over 10 years of commercial real estate experience, we are able to help structure and fund those tough non-bankable situations. We have a large network of lending options to help secure your loan. We offer free consultations and no upfront fee.

At Mid-Atlantic Financial Group we realize that every customer has a different combination of assets, limitations and dreams. This commercial lender will guide you to success working with the mortgage loans you choose. Our job is to understand your unique needs so we can formulate the best solution for you. Whatever your financial situation, we will help you make the right decisions to achieve your goals.

About the Industry & Working with Us

General Information

Property Types
  • Single-Family
  • Multi-Family: 5 units & mixed-use
  • Condo
  • Townhomes
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Self-Storage
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Day Care, Hair Salons, Funeral Homes, Restaurants
  • Automotive Services
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Construction
  • Church Loans
Key Lending Parameters

Here’s what the lender looks at or looks for in making a loan. These are broad-stroke underwriting guidelines that will help you assess your client’s financing needs and help you steer them in the right direction.’

LTV/LTC LTV = Loan to Value

The worse the property performance is, the lower the LTV that will be offered. Typical LTV is 75% on conventional loans. Apartments can go 80% LTV. SBA loans can go as high as 90% LTV. There is no such thing as 100% LTV. Some lenders allow a second mortgage on commercial property, often a seller-held note, but the borrower must have at least 10% “skin in the game.” LTC = Loan to Cost. Used for construction loans. The loan amount will be a percent of the total construction cost – usually 70% to 75%.

DSCR = Debt Service Coverage Ratio

In real estate accounting, the loan payments are not included as an expense. The difference between adjusted gross revenue and expenses is called the Net Operating Income (NOI).


Another factor that influences a lender’s willingness to make a commercial loan is the borrower’s liquidity. While they also look at a borrower’s credit history and personal financial profile (as well as the business’s, if applicable), they are primarily concerned with how the monthly payment is going to be made and whether the borrower has deep (liquid) pockets in case the cash flow from the property falls off.

Types of Loans

Purchase Existing Property

A new owner is acquiring.

Refi/Cash-out Refi Existing property

The existing owner is seeking to refinance, with or without drawing excess cash from the property.


No property exists. The owner/developer is going to build the property. Exit? Keep for long-term cash flow; build and sell; build and sell off individual units (houses, condos, office condos.)


It can be purchased or refinanced. Property is under-performing/not at market stabilization. This means a higher interest rate but shorter-term and some or no pre-payment penalty. Great interim strategy.

Hard Money

Property is severely under-performing or has some other problem, such as just came out of bankruptcy or foreclosure. Very interim strategy. Highest rates and points, no pre-payment penalty, usually the lowest LTV.

Our Partners

Real Estate Professionals

Mid-Atlantic Financial Group can be a valuable resource for other Real Estate Professionals. Whether you are a Real Estate Agent, Title Company, Lender or property manager, we can help find funding for your clients and you can maintain your relationships as well.

Our brokerage has many funding relationships that can help with those difficult funding solutions that are hard to place.


Mid-Atlantic Financial Group can be a great source for your clients looking to purchase or refinance investment residential and commercial properties. There are no tax returns, no income statements and no DTI analysis. We can help with a wide variety of properties including, investor 1-4 family, multi family, mixed use, retail, office, warehouse and storage.

We value our partner relationships and treat your client with uncompromising integrity and our success as a commercial mortgage broker highly depends on it.